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Parking P+R Żerań

ul. Marywilska, Białołęka, 03-042 Warszawa

194 available spaces
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ul. Marywilska, Białołęka, 03-042 Warszawa

226 total spots


Parking lots are intended for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and mopeds. The "Park and Ride" (Park & Ride) parking system allows free parking for vehicles that present a valid ticket at the time of departure from the car park:

  • daily,
  • 3-day,
  • weekend,
  • group weekend,
  • 30-day,
  • 90-day,
  • senior ticket,
  • ticket for children from families with three children
  • document entitling to free rides with local public transport organized by the City of Warsaw.

In other cases, the user is obliged to pay a one-time fee for renting a parking space upon departure from the car park in the amount of 100 PLN.

The fee starts to be charged after 20 minutes from entering the car park.

Fees are not charged for:

  • parking bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles,
  • parking vehicles of the Manager and parking staff during the performance of maintenance activities,
  • charging electric vehicles.

The right to use is checked randomly by controllers upon departure on the basis of control in public transport vehicles.

Data source: City of Warsaw.